Stress Cooking

Different animals have different responses to stress. (“Stress” can be physical, mental, etc. — running a marathon when you have not trained is putting yourself through physical stress, trying to manifest $1.2M to get the Big Project Done is mental stress). I am under some stress right now, of the self-imposed sort, and it will be gone in a couple of days. (It started with my final exam in Economics, and I’m still waiting on my final exam score from YESTERDAY!). 

But the point is, stress is different things to different people/critters. Our cat gets stressed out if there isn’t enough birdseed in the bird feeder (no entertainment), the Male Person gets stressed if there aren’t enough Thin Mints (and/or if the Landscape Rock is Not In the Right Place), I get stressed if Things Are Not Going According To Plan And/Or If Things Are Going to Plan But I Don’t Know What the Output of Said Plan Is Yet and Can I Quit Camel-Casing Everything yet?

And so, I cook.

Tonight’s stress cooking is Jambalaya. Per Male Person: “How hard can it be, just follow the box?” Me: “There is no box, only Emeril, and I’m already messing with his proportions.”

This will either be awesome or awful. Wish me luck.

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