Floatsam and Jetsam

I have not been in the office for seven days.

I managed to avoid work related email for three of those days. While normally I would give myself a very hearty pat on the back over that, I really needs must thank my friend Kevin for getting married, and Andy and Joyce for planning his bachelor party. This is because the portion of the party that I attended involved camping — with no cellular service.

No internet.

No electricity.

The only running water was slightly over freezing, rippling over rounded stones and fallen tree branches in a nearby creek.

And it was wonderful.

In the eight years I have worked for Expedia, I don’t think I’ve been out of touch for that long, ever. From the day I was handed my crackberry, which I cannot seem to leave alone, I’ve always eyeballed incoming mail (even if I don’t necessarily respond). It is not ego — the company seems to chug along just fine with or without me — but addiction. It was great to have something else meter that out for me.

I wish I could say I stayed off the email in the ensuing days but I have not — the addiction is aided by ready availability of internets and cellular service — although I’m pretty happy to say I’ve been on only rarely and only responding to those things that I think actually require attention.

In my time off though I’ve had the chance to do all manner of fun things. I have:

  • Gone camping! For reals! and acquired a new level of gear-wanting
  • Taken a four hour midday nap
  • Had a mini mamacation with Ms. Mindi
  • Got a massage
  • Planned the oncoming of chickens and raised bed gardening for the next year
  • Successfully avoided going under the house to reorganize books — although that shows every sign of happening tomorrow
  • Eyeballed the jam jars and fruit with every intent of probably making some jam in the next 24 hours — who likes Strawberry Rhubarb?
  • Attended spin class
  • Caught up on all manner and myriad of minutiae that one shoves aside in favor of work craziness

Monday promises work catch-up and craziness, although I feel pretty psyched and positive about the couple of big projects again coming our way. There’s only three weeks of school left and I know both the boy and I are looking forward to summer stuff. All in all, pretty happy here.

Staycation is hereby listed as a successful venture. Highly recommended…