I feel like every doctor’s appointment comes with additional hoops. I went to my prescribed bike fitting, to discover that the first hour was just about the seat- it’s height and it’s tilt and it’s forward/backness, and how it will likely need to be replaced. I need to book a 2nd hour for the handlebars, and I […]

Weak Ass

In honor of my hundredth post, I give you the latest and greatest on my Adventures in Healthcare.  This Wednesday I found myself getting XRays in Kirkland. I highly suggest you invest in Philips (PHG) as they apparently outfit every machine in that office, including the XRay machines. The technician was all work and no […]

Suffering For My Art

I am here at Redmond Ridge Physical Therapy and I am hooked up to a machine. The machine is sending an electric pulse through my very swollen kneecap. This, as you might expect, doesn’t feel lovely. You should totally donate money to the ALA for this.

Give Me Money. Again. Please.

I’ll be running (walking, limping) in the American Lung Association’s 5k run this coming May 1st. This is one of those “get people to donate money” things, and last year I had the amazing incentive of annoyance plus the ability to have people sign my helmet for the Ride. This year, options considered for fundraising […]