Burn, baby, Burn

As per usual, I find myself horribly sunburnt. As per usual, my son is a light tan color. 

This time we stayed at the Hyatt Grand Cypress, which is gorgeous and had more amenities than we could possibly use (climbing wall, full gym, golf,  bikes, shuttle to the major parks). It had the Orlando-typical waterfall pools (complete with waterslide), great pool service (THANK YOU VONDA AND EDWARD!), and wonderful restaurants. (Note: when the chef comes out of the kitchen and hands your son a chef’s hat that he can keep and then talks cooking with you for like 15 minutes, you feel pretty awesome).

We spent three days at Magic Kingdom, including obligatory Pirate Adventure Makeup and 3 back-to-back turns on Space Mountain, and one day Harry Pottering at Universal. Note: I don’t care how bad you feel about whatever may be going on at work or in your personal  life, it’s hard to not grin like an idiot after 3 rides on Space Mountain.

It was hard coming back home. It was very hard getting on the scale. :p

1 thought on “Burn, baby, Burn”

  1. My daughter and I are both vampires. I occasionally will get sun, but tend to burn rather than tan. My daughter, she just gets lobster red and then back to snowblindingly white. Such is the curse of the Norwegian skin… I think. Sounds like you both had a wonderful time. I’d like to take my daughter on a trip to France, Greece and Germany in a couple of years. Who knows, maybe I’ll stay there. LOL

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