Yet Another Event

I signed up for the Danskin Triathlon.

Last Tuesday (yes, I’m blogging about something a week old, get over it) I sat at my computer, angst-ridden and hitting “refresh”, so I could be one of the participants in this August’s Danskin Women’s Triathlon in Seattle. Apparently it sells out right quick and I had promised not one but TWO ladies I know I would do it, and so I have signed on to Do It.


I can tell you authoritatively that unlike my training for the Trek Women’s last year, the 12 miles on the bike are not making me nervous. I did 51 last weekend and it is true what they say about the best way to get better at riding your bike: ride your bike. Ride your bike. And, ride your bike.

However this means I will need to get up early on Fridays to add swimming back into the regimen. I signed on to the only gym within miles of my work that has a pool, now only if they’d clean it occasionally.

I wonder when I’ll stop signing up for these things, and what I am trying to prove to myself.

2 thoughts on “Yet Another Event”

  1. Does it keep you exercising when you’d likely not do so otherwise? I mean, I don’t disagree that you tend to sign up for crazy stuff that you probably don’t need to do, but I know that I do better when I have a goal to work towards. Once that goal has passed, it’s a lot harder to motivate unless I get another goal lined up. Maybe you are being smart! You keep things coming that you need to train for, and you prevent yourself from slipping into a couch potato state.

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