I have to admit, today I got one of those chain-mail-facebook-thingies that resembles a social experiment. This particular one was to GIRLS, (not women, mind you), and it was to list your bra color (!) as your facebook status (?) with no explanation.


There’s not a lot of drama in “black”, really, anymore.

But what was funny is that not only did the gal who sent it to me “do it”, but all of our related friends “did it”, and then several completely unrelated friends “did it”. Friends I know, for an absolute fact, haven’t ever shared the same airspace as the friend who sent the email. Ever.

And then the men joined in.

Apparently, GH wears a brown bra. Someone named Nick I have never met wears magenta, and a friend’s husband wears green.

Who knew? paging Eddie Izzard!

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