Raising Funds… and the bar

No, not “the bar” as in where you go and get something to drink. The bar as in the expectations level. As it’s review time we’re expected to look at our work achievements and how we can do better in future; some of us treat our personal lives the same way. But biking 63 miles each day for 2 days straight is a bit much for someone who has done, at max, 12 miles in one day (and whose buttocks, if I don’t mind saying, felt like they wanted a divorce when I was done) (They didn’t leave, however, and so I feel like I won that round).

Next weekend starts the long bike rides of training, apparently with a 25-miler. For those of you keeping track, 25 miles from my house and you’d wind up in Downtown Seattle. 25 miles is a LONG WAY. 25 miles is exactly twice as far as I have ever biked, ever. Ergo, I will be searching for bike shorts (padding is NOT optional) and assorted comfy-gear in the next few days.

That said, I’d like to thank those who have donated thus far — it’s amazing how quickly that little “money thermometer” jumps! Thanks to KC, SMS, LC, and MT for your awesome support!

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